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Softies Program


One of the biggest challenges vulnerable families face is earning an income. Most of the families we support have no land, they are generally uneducated, perhaps having reached a Grade 4 primary education, and have no skills.  They are reliant on menial & back breaking labor jobs.  Life is hard & extremely physically demanding, when there is no work, life becomes extremely difficult.


the idea

To provide women (with families) the opportunity to learn some sewing skills and produce a range of Soft Toys which would be sold locally and allow them to supplement their income. We saw this work as part time, as a supplement to their farming work. We started the program with three women, none had ever sewn before and all were struggling to feed their children.


the reality

HUSK now has a team of eight women all supporting their families and working full time making not only Soft Toys but a range of other items like laundry bags, coasters and simple clothing items.  These women now have a way to earn a regular income and meet their basic needs.


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