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Responsible travel tips 

it's a partnership and we need your help.

Don't buy milk formula, purchase items or give money to beggars

especially children

Rubbish is a huge problem. Bring an eco bag.  Lead by example. Refuse Plastic.

Support projects that help adults earn and enable families to stay together.

Children need time for school, play and rest.  Avoid activities that keep children up late. 

Be respectful when taking photographs.  Ask permission.

Be aware of how you dress. Cover shoulders and knees when visiting the temples.

80% of children in orphanages have one living parent.  Children are not toursit attractions. Please do not visit orphanages.

Please do not touch monks. 

Always ask before taking their photograph.

Support businesses that give back and work to make lasting changes

Explore more than just the temples and pub street.  

Learn about Cambodia's culture.

Think before giving.

Find reputable organisations.

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