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Building a New Bottle School


After 13 years at our current site our lease is coming to an end.  By October 2023 all HUSK operations will move across to our current community centre site.

With over 500 students receiving free weekly English education as well as our supporting programs including computing and work experience it is critical we create a new centre for all our education projects before lease end.

We need to add 5 new classrooms, a combined office and library, an information centre and a toilet block and hand washing facilities.  Join us on our journey to create a whole new bottle school for HUSK.



Target $55,000 USD

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Please contact us directly for a more detailed outline of this project.

The total budget for this project is approximately $55,000USD over the next 3 years

This is comprised of 5 new classrooms at $7,000 USD each

A combined office and library at $14,000 USD

A new toilet block and washing facilities $3,500 USD

Information Centre $2500 USD

TOTAL of $55,000 USD

Project Progress

This project has been given a major kick start with an incredible donation of approximately  $32,000 USD  This is a wonderful donation to enable HUSK's education programs continue.

High Level Project Timeline

Our current school site with 3 classrooms, office and library will close in October 2023.  As such our priority will be to replace these buildings before this date to ensure continuing of our education programs.

2022 - Jan - Jun
  • Adding hand washing facilities at the site entrance

  • Full planning of project 

  • Foundations and roof of 1 classroom and the office / library

2022 - Jul - Dec
  • Completion of office and library

  • Construction of toilet facilities

2023 - Jan. - Jun
  • Complete the first classroom

  • Foundations and roof of two further classrooms

2023 - Jun - Dec
  • Completion of 2 additional classrooms prior to October

  • Foundations for final two classrooms complete

2024 - Jan - Dec
  • Complete the final two classrooms

  • Complete the information centre

To find out more about this project.  Email:
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