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Computing Program


For village families having access to a computer or the internet is impossible. Learning even the basics of computing is simply out of reach.  Without these skills jobs prospects are limited funnelling these children to the underpaid construction labour industry, where often the cycle of poverty just continues.


HUSK is providing our students with free computing classes every week.  By gaining key skills students are able to transition from school into the workforce. By having basic computer skills opportunities for employment are far greater and the capacity to earn a stable income in a safe working environment are opened up.

the idea

HUSK is working to equip students with basic computer literacy, including how to be safe online.

Our program teaches students the fundamentals of using a computer including programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

These skills mean a greater chance to avoid the trap of falling into construction labour and underemployment.  

funding 2024

  • Help fund 15 new computers for the HUSK computer lab

  • Help us keep the lights on and the WIFI flowing

  • General equipment - printers, ink, projector 


Target $15,000 USD

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