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Build a family a home

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House Rebuild with HUSK


A safe and secure home truly is the foundation of everything.  If you can sleep at night, be warm and dry you have a chance;  without this nothing else is possible. 

HUSK has worked with over 100 families in villages across Siem Reap to help them with one of life's most basic needs - A secure and safe home.  From single mums with no shelter to families living in the most rudimentary of dwelling with your help we can provide families with genuine opportunity to build a brighter future



$2400 USD provides one family with a safe secure house.
Husk not only builds a home but helps build a brighter future.
Our team work closely within the community to identify families in need of a house rebuild. We work with the family to ensure that their children are attending school and that the family (where physically possible) is involved in the actual house build.
We employ as much labour from the local village as possible to ensure the whole community benefits from every build project.  
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