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Build a family a home

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House Rebuild with HUSK


An elderly lady sits on platform, its close to 11pm, pouring rain and dark.  

Why?  She is afraid her home will fall on her in the storm.  Out in the rain and wind, at least she knows she is safe from her house collapsing upon her.

This is one story, but there are many more. Her home was rebuilt by HUSK and the generosity of our donors.



$2300 USD buys a family a new home, vegetable garden and fruit trees.  It also buys a chance....
Our team work closely within the community to identify families in need of a house rebuild. We work with the family to ensure that their children are at school and that the family will commit to helping undertake some of the work on the actual house build.
We employ as much labour from the local community as possible to ensure the whole community benefits from every build project.
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