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Kompheim Community School


Education is recognised as a major key in breaking the poverty cycle for future generations. Unfortunately less than 30% of children will complete primary school.  With such a young population Cambodia's already immense education challenges are only going to grow.  For the vulnerable families we work with the pressure to send a child to work and provide income for the family is immense. Our goal is to work with families and help them keep their children in school.


what we do


We have created a community English school that provides free English education to children in Kompheim village and the surrounding communities. Our program is a supplement to Government Education and we work closely to support the government schools in our area. We work directly with vulnerable families, helping support them and educate them on the importance and value of education.


the facts

More than 530 students attend 3 free English classes every week.

We provide 'real' books and a solid curriculum, with a focus on giving students skills to gain jobs is Siem Reap biggest industry, tourism. 

Our team closely monitor students and work directly with vulnerable families

We work with parents, our school community and the local government school to help keep kids at school.

funding 2024

We are currently seeking funding to assist with the following key school needs

  • New chairs, desks, and furniture for library and teacher office

  • Teachers Uniforms

  • School Supplies - speakers, paper, paints, printing, etc

  • Electricity / Water

Target $5,000 USD

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