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About HUSK Cambodia

HUSK’s core focus is working with the communities in Treak & Kompheim villages located in Siem Reap province Cambodia.

We work with communities to help improve the lives of Cambodian families. Our goals focus around the basics of providing access to safe water, livelihood opportunities, health, education & environment.  We work to assist families address some of their most basic needs, giving them the best opportunity to stay together and work for a better future.




HUSK is proudly established & supported by the owners of Beyond Unique Escapes.  Our directors are all volunteers and only local Khmer staff are paid by HUSK.

Beyond Unique Escapes financially support HUSK through direct donations of a percentage of profits, provision of free business support & facilitating customer donations.Beyond Unique Escapes has also created specific tours that provide ongoing income to villagers and their communities.


Find Us


Operating from the offices of Beyond Unique Escapes

Cnr Pub Street and Sivutha Bvld 

Siem Reap Cambodia


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