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Pon Lork Thmei - New Growth Nursery


One of the biggest challenges for rural communities is the capacity to earn regular & sufficient income.  Many families rely on itinerant work like rice harvesting, or construction labouring roles.  This is very seasonal and limited in its availability.  A lack of income means families look for children to leave school early and help earn money for families to survive.  Construction work is hard, dangerous and very physically demanding, but is often the only opportunity for unskilled workers.


HUSK is working to help provide villagers with ways to earn additional income to support their families and enable children to remain at school for as long as possible.


Our New Growth nursery project launched in late 2014.  The project will provide supplementary income for the six members of the team, and provide an income stream for projects at the local government school.


The nursery will grow mostly fruit trees which will be purchased primary through the HUSK and Beyond Unique Escapes Day in a Life program.  The income generated is split between the Nursery Team members and the local government school for specified projects.


HUSK will provide ongoing training and management support. As well as looking for ways to expand plant sales

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