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Change 4 Change

Donate a set of school uniforms for a student today
& Provide employment for our Sewing Ladies


All school children at government schools in Cambodia are required to wear a school uniform.  What was meant as an equalizer has sadly become another barrier for children continuing at school.


For as little as some pocket change you can make a real change. By donating to the Change 4 Change project our Softies Sewing team will produce a school uniform set for a vulnerable child.  Not only does this help a family send their child to school, it also supports our income generation project for vulnerable women.



For 2022 our goal is to provide all our students with 2 sets of school uniforms.  Thats over 1000 school uniforms that need to be made.

We would also love to support the teachers at local government schools, whose salaries are exceptionally low.  Out target is to provide 100 local teaches with uniforms.





Target $55,000 USD

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