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Can you imagine your childhood without your favorite story books? 

I’m sure already the characters and titles of your favourites are coming to mind.  For the vast majority of Cambodian children story books don’t exist.  They have never had the chance to escape into the pages of their favourite book, explore enchanted lands or discover new places.  Our Kompheim Village school library opened its doors in 2015.  It is home to hundreds of books both in Khmer and English language. 


The library was supported by a number of amazing people but without the amazing generosity of the Fitzgerald family the library would never have gotten off the ground. 

A huge thank you to Tookie!


Our library opens children’s eyes to the possibilities of the world beyond the rice fields they know. It helps create dreams.

We are always keen to receive quality English books especially for children, we are also seeking donations to grow our Khmer language books. Why not donate a book today?

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