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The Softies Program

Creating income opportunities that support families

The Program

Creating opportunities for families to earn an income is one of the most important things we do at HUSK.  We want to give families a 'hand up' not a 'hand out'.  The challenge is that the families we work with have no skills and little education. Employment options are extremely limited.  This often leads to young children entering low value work and continuing the cycle of poverty.


Key Facts

* We provide women with life long skills

* The program now involves 8 women all 

   supporting their families

* Every Softie sold contibutes funds to HUSK

   allowing us to help fund projects like house

   rebuilds across the village.

* We have created income generation

   opportunities within the village


Meet the team

Each of the Softies ladies are working hard to overcome the challenges they face and build a better future for their families.


Like many people they each have children they love and people that love them.  But they face very difficult life circumstances and sometimes this leads to impossible decisions.  Do you go hungry or do you send your 14 year old out to work.   This program has given them an opportunity to improve their families situation. They are commited to their childrens long term education and are working hard to build a brighter future.



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The Softies Range

Our team are creating a beautiful range of Soft Toys.  Many of these feature local materials or represent a local theme, some are just for fun!



Old Jeans - New Life.  The Jeanius range is all made from pre loved denim jeans


Eco Products

Green bags, shopping totes, water bottle carriers and more.




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