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Our Current Wish List


If you are travelling to Siem Reap and have spare space in your luggage we would love to receive any of the following items.  If you plan on buying things to donate  many items can be purchased locally often at a cheaper price than back home.


Please never directly hand out items or cash in Cambodia.  This well meaning gesture can cause many problems including jealousy and add to the begging cycle.


  • Khmer writing books available locally (120 and 160 pages)

  • Washing Powder 500g bags for washing clothes

  • Bikes – available locally for $55 per bike – help students access school

  • Packets of heavy plain white A4 paper 100gsm or similar

  • Sport clothes & Shoes ( football, volleyball)

  • All kinds of balls (soccer, volleyball, big, small)

  • Toothpaste  / toothbrushes – As many as possible

  • Small reward prizes to encourage students ( eg small balls, colored text as, or crayons, small toys, yo yo’s)

  • Story books for library, especially educational books

  • Puzzle games – especially wooden ones

  • Polar fleece quick dry blankets (around $2.5)

  • Children’s back packs

  • A4 laminating sheet boxes

  • A4 printer paper

  • Clear sticky contact for covering books

  • Heavy art paper A3 – Water-colour paper / Thick art block paper

  • Mosquito nets ( around $5 )

  • Paints, brushes etc

  • Cooking oil 1 ltr. / Salt / Sugar

  • Old denim jeans – especially large sizes

  • Magnifying glasses

  • Microscopes

  • Computers / Printers

Funding Donations are always greatly appreciated and can be made at Beyond where and official receipt will be given.

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