HUSK supports families in Cambodia

With your support we help families build a brighter future

What we do

HUSK works directly with communities to help improve the lives of Cambodian families. Our goals focus around the basics of providing access to safe water, livelihood opportunities, health, education and environment.  We work to assist families address some of their most basic needs, giving them the best opportunity to stay together and work for a better future. We support families to support themselves, and together build a brighter future.


Why we do it

Cambodia is a country struggling to move forward. Many families still live day by day, finding enough to feed their children, providing adequate shelter and safe water are issues many families confront each day.  Many of the families we support are faced with the prospect of sending their children to work at the age of 15. 


A few quick numbers

More than 77% of children in Orphanages have one living parent

Only 23% of children will reach lower secondary school

Just 23% of students who complete Grade 9 will continue beyond this level

More than 30% of children are stunted due to malnutrition 



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What's New.......

Hello 2018! Everyone at HUSK is extremely excited about the year ahead.  2018 will be our first year where the HUSK school runs from Grade 1 through to Grade 12, this is a very exciting milestone.  As always there is lots going on. Looking back 2017 was one of our busiest and best years yet.  We are excited to see 2018 be even better.

From computer classes through to soccer coaching, to solar systems we are ready to embrace the new year.