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Fund a House Rebuild


Help us rebuild a home for a family in need.

Each home is rebuilt using traditional techniques and in keeping with the village.  A wooden frame with wooden floor boards.  Thatch panels create the walls and a tin roof provides protection from the rain.  Every house rebuild includes some fruit trees, and assistance with creating a family vegetable garden.

Target $2300 x 10 = $23,000

Sponsor a Work Experience Student 


We need sponsors for our 2017 WE program.

For 3 weeks over the summer holidays students in grade 10 and 11 will have the chance to participate in the HUSK work experience program.

For most of them this will be their first time so learn about professional work places, employer expectations and experience jobs other than construction and farming.

For these students this program shows a pathway to long term, quality employment and a real chance to escape the cycle of poverty.



Target $80 x 40 = $3200

Donate Computers


We are very excited to be opening the doors of our Education Centre with three new computers very soon.

However we need 12 more computers in early 2017.

You can help by donating a computer, chair, desk or even helping to fund this program.

We are fundraising $10,000 for further equipment

Fund teaching programs in our Education Centre


Target $10,000

Fund teaching programs in our Education Centre


For the majority our secondary students their parents have never held a professional job.  They are the sons and daughters of construction workers, farmers and fishermen.

Entering the professional workforce is a whole new world for these students and they have a lot to learn.  From the basics of having a bank account, to the complexities of budgeting, personal hygiene & employer expectations.

Help fund much needed education programs to assist these young adults break the poverty cycle and gain long terms employment.

Target $6000

Donations Guide

Looking to make a specific donation.  Here are some ways you can help.


$20     purchases books for our school library

$80     gives 2 students school uniforms &

          supplies required for school

$85     provides a family with a water filter

$100   funds a life saving hand washing program

$150   provides one cooking class for 10 women

$170   provides a vertical or woven garden

$500   provides toothbrushes & dental care      

          education for 370+ children

$1600 provides a family with a new home

$2000 funds ongoing health and educational    

          training for the local community

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