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Our Education Centre

built with 25,000 plastic bottles

In 2016 we embarked upon another bottle building, our new "Education Centre" located on the Community Centre site. 

Like all HUSK buildings we are once again building with eco bricks, or in simple terms plastic water bottles filled with non bio degradable rubbish.

This building marks over 150,000 bottles used to date in our construction projects.

The Education Centre will be a multi purpose building and we will kick off 2017 with a number of initiatives.

Financial Literacy

- Imagine if your parents had never had a bank account

- What if your parents were financially illiterate?

- Would you know much about saving and spending if you    

  never received pocket money?

- What if you lived in a place where dubious financial organisations preyed upon your vulnerabilities?


This is reality for most of our students.  Without the basics they are vulnerable and likely to fall into severe financial hardship.

In 2017 we will launch "Money Matters" and start to equip these young adults with the skills they need to make sound financial decisions for their future.  

Health Programs

What if you didn't understand the basics of how your body works, what makes you healthy & how you get sick.

Imagine not knowing how to eat properly when pregnant or what you need to feed your child to ensure their health and development.

Programs such as these are crucial to help improve the basic health of the village community.

Through our education centre a range of health programs will be available to the community.


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