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House Rebuild Projects

A foundation for families to build a better life

Why we rebuild homes?

Try to imagine for one minute that this is your family home.  Now picture it with your children inside during a storm, or with sick kids, or on just an average day.  Imagine the stress you would feel as a parent.

Over 77% of children in orphanages in Cambodia have one living parent.  For families unable to provide adequate shelter an Orphanage can feel like a better solution.  Sadly with little regulation many Orphanages are not run with the best interests of the child in mind.


By helping families with the basics like adequate shelter we assist families in staying together and working towards a better future. A house provides a foundation from which the family can start to move forward.  It removes one of the major worries parents have.

How it works!

Our HUSK team works on a regular basis with the community.  Through meeting with local families, the village chief and the local school HUSK is able to identify families that genuinely need help and are willing to work to improve their situation.


Once a family as been selected they are placed on our Housing waiting list.  HUSK then works to find donations for their house rebuild project.


1. Identification and Selection

2. Approval process

3. Funding

4. Build Date is set

5. Site Preparation

6. Local builders build the frame and foundations

7. Family and HUSK complete the thatching and

   wall panels

8. Official Monk Blessing

9. Family moves in!

10. Follow up support from the HUSK community team


Many times these house rebuilds are completed by groups such as school and community groups working in conjunction with our HUSK team.

Rebuild a Home 

$2400USD Enables HUSK to rebuild a house for a family like this one.


If you are interested in getting involved and helping with the building work contact us for further information and pricing on supported house rebuilds. 



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