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HUSK is the 1st to build using plastic bottles filled with rubbish

in Cambodia

Rubbish is      

Cambodia like much of the developing world is facing huge environmental issues as a result of rapid development, lack of awareness and education and few waste management solutions.


HUSK searched for a creative solution to the very large pollution problems caused by rubbish.  We came across Pura Vida and found out that rubbish and plastic bottles could be used as a building material.  From here we set about creating the first bottle buildings in Cambodia.


1 bottle = 20 litre bin of rubbish
100,000+ bottles have been used by HUSK
HUSK has inspired others to start
Bottle buildings

Bottle buildings end up looking exactly like a brick building.  They start in exactly the same way with local professionals building the foundations and frame work for the building.  


The difference is instead of using traditional bricks we use wire, eco bricks and lots of plastic bags.  This is then rendered, painted and ready for use.


We have used over 100,000 bottles in our projects to date.

  • 1 Medical Centre

  • 3 Classrooms

  • 1 Income Generation Workshop

  • 1 toilet block

  • Fencing


all built with eco bricks



Our next project

We are currently raising funds for our next major project. An Education Hub at our Community Centre.    Thanks to the genority of donors we have covered a large part of the building costs and initial fit out including 3 computers.

We will be undertaking further fundraising for additional computers and resources for programs launching in 2017.


Our  Education Hub which will be used for a wide number of community education programs as well as additional general education programs for secondary students.  

learn more about the education hub


learn more about our Softies Room project
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