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New School Progress



St Peter's College 

This project has been given a major kick start by the incredible community of St Peter's College in Adelaide Australia with a donation of approx. $32,000 USD 

A huge thank you to St Peter's for ensuring HUSK's education programs continue.

We are excited to be partnering with St Peter's and look forward to continuing to work together.

High Level Project Timeline

Our current school site with 3 classrooms, office and library will close in October 2023.  As such our priority will be to replace these buildings before this date to ensure continuing of our education programs.

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2022 - Jan - Jun
  • Adding hand washing facilities at the site entrance

  • Full planning of project 

  • Foundations and roof of 1 classroom and the office / library

2022 - Jul - Dec
  • Completion of office and library

  • Construction of toilet facilities

2023 - Jan. - Jun
  • Complete the first classroom

  • Foundations and roof of two further classrooms

2023 - Jun - Dec
  • Completion of 2 additional classrooms prior to October

  • Foundations for final two classrooms complete

2024 - Jan - Dec
  • Complete the final two classrooms

  • Complete the information centre

To find out more about this project.  Email:
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